Celebrating the culinary traditions of the Great Lakes region, this site is a tribute to the great chefs working throughout the Great Lakes region who embrace the food produced in this area and the cultural traditions of the people who live here.  It is not a listing of “Best Restaurants”, rather it is an exploration of restaurants that have embraced a similar ethos, a similar sensibility.

An authentic representation of our area, geographically and culturally, is inherently ever-changing and growing.  In truth, the idea of a Great Lakes Cuisine is an emergent concept; it is in the process of coming into being.  At the same time, this cuisine mines the depths of a cultural heritage that is rich and full of diversity.

Great Lakes Cuisine is not simply geographic.  It is not simply an emphasis on local food.  It is not simply an exploration of the most innovative chefs.  It is not simply an homage to area ethno-culinary traditions. It is not simply food that matches well to our mid-continent sensibilities. It must be all these things.

Each page is an index of posts related to a particular topic. As the site is a project in development, many links are planned but not yet posted. Share thoughts, ideas, memories, dreams.  Join us as we celebrate who we are and what we we eat.  Moderator can be e-mailed at robertholtonwi@gmail.com with comments or questions.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome, Bob! Love the concept, descriptions, and recipes. We may need a foodie road trip to flesh this out some more =)
    Maybe “Celebrating the culinary traditions of the Great Lakes” at the top of the page could be in a larger font to be more prominent?
    You’re making me hungry . . .

  2. just found out about this site, guess I was the last to know. Will be reading for the rest of the night. Your love of food is clear.

  3. Great site. Thanks for sharing your love and passion for the sensory experience which is great food and great beverage and all that comes with experiencing both. You’ve put an identity around a movement that is happening around us. Good stuff.

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