Culinary Journeys – Madrid, Spain

Still Life with Game, Vegetables, and Fruit, SÁNCHEZ COTÁN, JUAN, 1602Copyright ©Museo Nacional del Prado This is the fourth of an ongoing series of posts on culinary journeys outside of the Great Lakes region, and the lessons they help reveal about our attempts to define our regional cuisine. Today, we go to Madrid, Spain. One [...]


More Hoppel Poppel Variations

Frequent readers here know that we have an unhealthy obsession with this creation known as Hoppel Poppel (read more on our earlier post here). Quick synopsis of the required ingredients: Basic Hoppel Poppel - Diced, par-boiled potatoes cooked until browned and crisping, sauteed with diced onion, and diced "salami" (see comment below), topped with egg, [...]

Autobahn Mi – German Pork Sandwich

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including a recent trip to the Vietnamese sandwich shop near by to have a fairly lackluster Special Banh Mi. Banh Mi simply translates as "bread", but has come to mean the sandwich served on a specific type of crispy, French-inspired, demi-baguette. The classic is known as the "special" and comes [...]