Food Lovers Emerge – Toward a Great Lakes Cuisine

For me, there is a visceral thrill to see an idea, a concept, a thought of my own echoed by another. That “kindred-spirit” feeling fills me a wave of genuine joy.  As I sat waiting for a client meeting at a local professional office, I had just such a feeling.  The catalyst was the cover of the April 2013 edition of Milwaukee Magazine, declaring it the “Foodie Edition”.  The related piece by Ann Christensen, titled “Food Lover’s Guide”, was like reading my own ideas, but organized better and with much better production value. I nearly walked off with the magazine, but that would have been just too hard to explain to my client!

As I read through the different food items Christensen highlighted in the article, my thought was “It is happening.” The emergent trend of Great Lakes Cuisine is happening.  When a person, independent of any interaction, is inspired to highlight the very same foods, the very same sources, I feel confident we can claim something is emerging.

Please read the article, explore Christensen’s suggestions and develop your own.  I will not re-produce the article here, but will note a number of additions to our Sources page based on that article:

Underground Meats – Madison, WI

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms – Delevan, WI

Rushing Waters Fisheries – Palmyra, WI

Also, the cheese selection is wonderful and includes many of my personal favorites. I have not added LW Dairy to the purveyors page, as they only deliver to the Milwaukee and Madison markets in Wisconsin, but I advocate finding your own local farm fresh source of eggs, milk, and butter.


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