Swedish Elk Meatballs – A Hank Shaw Tribute

Hank Shaw is the creator of the Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook blog which won the James Beard Award for the best food blog in 2013. He recently spoke at the Pheasant Fest 2014 in Milwaukee, WI, and I had a chance to hear him talk. Down-to-earth, genuine, and funny, he shared a number of tips on preparing pheasants, quail, and a whole host of other birds.  He rattled off types of ducks and their flavor profiles like he was listing off a McDonald’s menu.  This guy knows his stuff.  I got this, so I was pretty happy:

Hank Shaw

Earlier in the day, my daughter and I got to the Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market hosted at the Mitchell Park Domes and were fortunate enough to pick-up a pound of ground Elk from Golden Bear Monarchs Elk Farm. Hank includes a recipe for Swedish Moose Meatballs in the book (also on his blog), easily adapted to Elk meat.  In place of the high-bush cranberry jelly, I utilized the Bacon Bourbon Blackcurrant Jam, prepared for Grilled Cheese Sandwich #3. The result:

Swedish MeatballI enjoyed it over organic cabbage from JenEhr Farm, caramelized and dressed with Onion Fennel Jam and a bit of broth ala Thomas Keller from his Ad Hoc Cook Book. The kids enjoyed it over egg noodles. Unique ingredients and a bit of inspiration from Hank. Get his book and enjoy.

Swedish Meatball1



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