Beer Dinner Breakdowns – Overview

In the coming months we will feature a number of Beer Dinner Breakdowns in which we will take a deeper look at craft beer dinners hosted throughout the Great Lakes region, specifically exploring how certain dishes offer complementary or contrasting flavors with their beer pairing. These beer dinners are based on publicly promoted information on websites and related social media outlets. In some cases, we’ll be working from actually attendance at the tasting, but in other cases it will be based on menu descriptions, beer overviews, and social media pictures and commentary. In each case we’ll give a quick analysis of why these pairings work and how to duplicate some of the flavor combinations at home.

Former Schlitz Offices

Our effort here has two broad purposes. First, consistent with our overall efforts here at Great Lakes Cuisine, we are seeking to explore and promote the flavors of the Great Lakes region. Second, we are hoping to offer a way for folks at home or who may not be locally based an opportunity to explore similar flavor combinations. We are not suggesting a quick paragraph of explanation will allow anyone to re-create a chef’s creation. We are intentionally simplifying to amplify flavor combinations and maximize the number of experiences. When we have been given a complimentary seat at the table, we will fully disclose that fact. Otherwise, this is just about exploring ideas, connections, and the emerging flavors of Great Lakes Cuisine. We welcome company on our journey.


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