Gerard, Duck Part Deux

So we’re on a bit of a smoked duck kick of late based on a gift we received of three whole smoked ducks. We covered the process of breaking the duck down into parts in our Smoked Duck Pot Pie discussion, and now we return to those pieces for a few additional applications.

Smoked Duck Omelet
Smoked Duck Omelet

The shredded duck and some tangy, caramelized onions were married with baby swiss in a simple omelet. The duck confit with brie in a crepe has been a standard offering at La Reve in Wauwatosa, WI for many years and is a favorite lunch dish. This echoed those same flavors.

Smoked Duck Tater Skins
Smoked Duck Tater Skins

We also did a take on stuffed potato skins. Baked potatoes are sliced in half, then hollowed out, leaving about 1/4 inch of flesh on the skin. Brushed with duck fat and then returned to the oven to further crisp the shells. Then filled with smoked duck and served in three variations (clockwise, from top):

Smoked duck, tangy onions, Black River Blue Cheese

Smoked duck, tangy onion, Merkt’s Port Wine Cheddar Spread

Smoked duck “ruebens” topped with Zauerkraut, thousand island-style sauce, swiss cheese

Sort of like ultimate duck fat fries…ah, mon chéri!


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