Grilled Cheese Sandwich #2

The Second of a Three Part series. (Part One here) This grilled cheese was created for my youngest daughter.  It begins with bacon; Nueske's smoked bacon.   The extra slices from a Sunday morning breakfast inspired my youngest daughter to request a BLT grilled cheese. The tomato component was easy enough - adapting an oven-roasted tomato recipe [...]

For the Love of All That is Smoky – Nueske’s Bacon

I am a smoke junkie. I'll take beef brisket, pork roast, chicken, ducks, pheasant...all smoked please. Smoked salt and smoked paprika are favorites in the spice cabinet. Smoked sugar was a fun experiment.  So a duck fat washed bourbon cocktail enjoyed at Hinterland in Milwaukee, WI gave me inspiration to try a bacon fat washed [...]