Duck, Duck, Goose – Duck Fat Poutine

So sometimes, it’s just for fun. We took the duck rillette we had saved after our smoked duck breakdown and decided to to use the fat to oven-fry Yukon gold potatoes and top with the shredded duck. So that’s duck, duck. We just had to come up with the goose to complete the childhood game. We had purchased Montamore cheese as a possible topping and create a variation on poutine. We created a beer cheese sauce made with Goose Island Beer Co.’s Honkers Ale as a replacement for the more traditional melted cheese curds.  With all the ooey-gooey goodness, no reason to add a gravy. Here was our results:

Duck Duck Goose

The Yukon golds were roasted perfectly at 400° for an hour, with duck fat, thyme, and sea salt. The smoked duck and beer cheese sauce combined for a richly decadent topping. Scallions for color and pop of flavor. You never know when inspiration will strike.


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