Backyard Grilling – Pheasant Sausage and House-made Pickles

There is a primal satisfaction in lighting a fire and cooking outside once again in early spring after a long, cold winter. Winters here in the Great Lakes region can be bitter cold and heavily snow-covered. The days are short and the nights long. As the days start to lengthen, the snow recedes and we begin to walk our gardens to see shoots of chives beginning. We see our neighbors and make plans for the week-end. All feels new, re-born.


This last weekend featured a warm fire, warmer friendships and wonderful food. We had a full feast, but my favorite little tastes came from that hardwood fire. We sipped beer as we grilled, a slight chill lingering in the afternoon air, sweet smoke rising. Pheasant sausages and venison Italians slowly roasting.

Pheasant Sausage1

Slices into bite-sized chunks, we ate them with our hands while still too hot right off the cutting board, dipped in yellow mustard. We also stuffed them into pieces of freshly baked white bread.

Venison Sausage3

Some ice-cold beers, some house-made pickles, and good conversation. Spring brings the earth back to life and re-kindles friendships. Light the fire and enjoy.



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