New Restaurant Added – Storyhill BKC, Milwaukee, WI

We have discussed before the difficulty in parsing what fits and what does not in Great Lakes Cuisine. Hopefully, we have been clear this site is not a review of "The Best of the Great Lakes", it is specifically not intended as a restaurant review site. We are not claiming an exhaustive list of the [...]

New Restaurant Added – The Old Fashioned, Madison, WI

When we add a new restaurant to our Restaurant page, we choose a representative dish which best captures the Great Lakes Cuisine concept on the currently offered menu.  With The Old Fashioned in Madison, WI, we could have easily listed the entire menu. This is an updated take on all that is best of the [...]

Underground Food Collective

Just off the main street headed towards the impressive capitol building in Madison, WI is a small store tucked back on a fairly quiet street.  The tiny store front is the retail location for the Underground Food Collective that also operates Forequarter in Madison. The inventory is an eclectic mix of artisan products, both fresh and [...]